Companies have multiple regulatory bodies to report to whether they’re listed or unlisted.

The demand for shareholder disclosure and focus on Director responsibility has never been greater than it is now. Our corporate experience and services are focused on corporate compliance, remuneration and governance. Combined with our advisory services you’ll have a full service independent accounting and taxation function for your Company.


Our philosophy at Traverse is to develop and keep relationships with likeminded entrepreneurial people. We work tirelessly for all of our clients who value and trust us and like a Doctor we believe that the best method of advice is preventative. For most, accountants or the accounting function are cost centres. We turn that notion on its head by challenging ourselves to be value creators.

It’s tax time

It’s that time of year again.

To take advantage of our taxation services in the current year we recommend that you work with us from early on in the new financial year.

If your 2011 income tax return is yet to be lodged this is a great opportunity for us to learn how you’re currently structured, maximise your position, and start making improvements now!

It’s tax time
Small business

Small business is a constant juggling act.

Our bookkeeping services will help you have more time to do what you do best. Our taxation services will help you maximise every dollar and structure your business for optimal asset and income protection.

Small business
We believe in you

The sky is the limit. We’re here to help you reach it and Traverse the space in between.

Our advisory team are pro active, lateral thinkers, who don’t stop at tax and accounting. Mentoring and structuring advice is one of specialties and we have a wide ranging accumulation of experiences which help us to guide you and help you reach your potential.

We believe in you

Small Business

Small Businesses

So often we hear from new clients joining us that they’ve been advised by people who don’t understand their business, who are accountants who have never been in business themselves, who care only for compliance and charge the earth.

At Traverse we know that there are lots of challenges in business no matter what stage you’re in. Our core offering for businesses is designed to simplify things and give you more time and confidence to focus on your business.

We have a wealth of resources and affiliations to help with financing, expansion, tax planning and changes to legislation.

Establishing a New Business

Going into business is a life changing decision. Like anything it’s important that you go into it with your eyes open. Our key focus is business case sustainability and cash flow.

Business Taxation Services

Our clients always compliment us on our ability to explain difficult taxation concepts in a simple way that is easy to understand.

Compliance Essentials

Businesses have much more involved compliance requirements than individuals. As Registered Tax Agents with the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) and Chartered Accountants we are well accustomed at dealing with all of these issues.

The Numbers

For most small business owners this is the most time consuming and frustrating administrative task that they face. There are two levels to small business books: bookkeeping and annual financial statements.

Your Trusted Advisors

We know that we are in a position of privilege to advise our clients as their Chartered Accountants. At Traverse that privilege is respected and acknowledged through the level of trust that we maintain with all of our clients.

Business Development

Those who are new to small business often learn lots of lessons the hard way. Traverse Advisors work actively with their small business clients and use their experiences of over a diverse range of industries to mentor and advise clients so that they can save themselves from some of these costly mistakes.

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