Companies have multiple regulatory bodies to report to whether they’re listed or unlisted.

The demand for shareholder disclosure and focus on Director responsibility has never been greater than it is now. Our corporate experience and services are focused on corporate compliance, remuneration and governance. Combined with our advisory services you’ll have a full service independent accounting and taxation function for your Company.

We believe in you

The sky is the limit. We’re here to help you reach it and Traverse the space in between.

Our advisory team are pro active, lateral thinkers, who don’t stop at tax and accounting. Mentoring and structuring advice is one of specialties and we have a wide ranging accumulation of experiences which help us to guide you and help you reach your potential.

We believe in you
It’s tax time

It’s that time of year again.

To take advantage of our taxation services in the current year we recommend that you work with us from early on in the new financial year.

If your 2011 income tax return is yet to be lodged this is a great opportunity for us to learn how you’re currently structured, maximise your position, and start making improvements now!

It’s tax time
Tax returns & advice

Taxation is one of life’s certainties. We make sure that you always know where you stand. The annual income you earn is the result of a year of hard work and stress. It is our job to take the work and stress out of your end of year tax return. By partnering up with you throughout the year using our three tiered approach of advice, structuring and planning we ensure that you maximise your overall position and make corrective decisions throughout each income year before it’s too late.

Tax returns & advice
Need a new accountant?

All of our clients tell us that we are different.

We promise that we will solve problems and give you answers, keep you fully informed, and be the best technically.

You can be confident that we will always look after you.


Need a new accountant?

Affiliations and Referrals

Our advisors at Traverse Accountants focus on what they do best. We maintain a number of strategic relationships for the benefit of our clients:

Financial Planners


We are not financial planners, however we have a strong affiliation with ASX Listed financial planning group Fiducian, whom we believe have their core business focused on being a true trusted advisor to their clients.

This is complementary to our own business model and beliefs and means that you and your SMSF have the best in planning and estate planning advice.

Fiducian Group

Fiducian Group is a Company founded on “Integrity, Trust and Expertise”.

Their business model covers many aspects of the financial markets and their roles range from funds management to portfolio services.

We have a working relationship with leading, Alison Williamson CFP, who is a Senior Financial Advisor with the Group.

A Senior Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is the Financial Planning Association’s highest professional designation and we are fortunate to be able to extend our working relationship with Alison to our clients.

Together with Alison we can assist with:

  • SMSF investments and fund allocations
  • Pensions and asset funding capability
  • Insurance of all types
  • Estate planning and wills
  • Banking and deposit products
  • Debt restructuring and family group debt consolidation


Strategic Banking Relationship

NAB has long been associated as the bank for professionals and successful businesses. We have a referral arrangement with NAB that gives us the contacts to get you access to the right decision makers for the financing and banking facilities that you need.

NABWe have worked with NAB and their products for individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The borrowing rates and packages are more competitive than the other banks and their deposit products are just as solid.

Recent marketing campaigns to differentiate the NAB from the ‘other banks’ have made them even more competitive and focused on creating value.

Even though we have long supported NAB we believe that this focus on client value is a common strategic objective with Traverse.

Our referral arrangements give us the opportunity to introduce you to advisors who will assist with:

  • Deposit products
  • Personal borrowing (loans, credit cards, margin lending)
  • Business banking and borrowing
  • Asset leasing and finance
  • Foreign exchange
  • SMSF deposits and borrowing packages
  • Private Banking for High Net worth individuals