It’s tax time

It’s that time of year again.

To take advantage of our taxation services in the current year we recommend that you work with us from early on in the new financial year.

If your 2011 income tax return is yet to be lodged this is a great opportunity for us to learn how you’re currently structured, maximise your position, and start making improvements now!

It’s tax time
Small business

Small business is a constant juggling act.

Our bookkeeping services will help you have more time to do what you do best. Our taxation services will help you maximise every dollar and structure your business for optimal asset and income protection.

Small business
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We have a proven ability in accounting for mining and exploration entities. We’ve put just as much effort into compiling a suite of resources for you.

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Check out our resources
Tax returns & advice

Taxation is one of life’s certainties. We make sure that you always know where you stand. The annual income you earn is the result of a year of hard work and stress. It is our job to take the work and stress out of your end of year tax return. By partnering up with you throughout the year using our three tiered approach of advice, structuring and planning we ensure that you maximise your overall position and make corrective decisions throughout each income year before it’s too late.

Tax returns & advice

Our philosophy at Traverse is to develop and keep relationships with likeminded entrepreneurial people. We work tirelessly for all of our clients who value and trust us and like a Doctor we believe that the best method of advice is preventative. For most, accountants or the accounting function are cost centres. We turn that notion on its head by challenging ourselves to be value creators.


Board and Employee Remuneration

Traverse is committed to finding the best remuneration options for your business, from salary packaging to corporate tax planning and integrating this down to the individual level.

For larger corporate entities, we also specialise in more advanced remuneration methods such as share or options based remuneration.

Employee Share Schemes

Employee Share or Option Schemes are increasing in popularity today especially amongst new companies which hope to attract and retain talent but often lack the means to pay large cash benefits.

The benefits of ESS:

  • Helps align employee and management interest with those of the company;
  • Require minimal cash commitment;
  • Money is effectively reinvested back into the company;
  • Can be tax effective if structured correctly.

How we can help:

  • Correctly structure your ESS to allow access to concessional tax treatment of ESS benefits;
  • Drafting of scheme documents required for establishing an ESS;
  • Preparation of shareholder notices and special resolutions as required.

If you are interested, please contact us to discuss if an ESS is right for your company.


Options Valuations


As part of our commitment to provide a comprehensive outcome to our clients, we provide options valuation services where required. This usually arises where:

  • A company is issued options under an ESS;
  • A employee has received unlisted options under their employer’s ESS;
  • A transaction occurs involving the issue of options or rights.

We follow best practice valuations methodology in this process to ensure you are fully compliant while helping to minimise your tax exposure.